Samadhi – We Are One

Seven stories of true love between humans and animals.

Cinema : 108 min
Television : 51 min + 52 min

Samadhi shows and highlights the amazing capacity that these creatures have to love.Samadhi stands out from other documentaries, it will make you experience seven stories of true love and friendship between humans and animals, filmed as we traveled around the world.

You will discover that there are no barriers between “us” humans and “them” the animals, the only barriers you will find are those we humans have invented.


The Crew

Each crew member has been carefully selected on the base of his or her loveand understanding of animals and of course for his or her professional qualities. This is one of the reasons, we believe, that allowed the animals to be so spontaneous. They have managed to surprise and amaze us by doing incredible things in front of the camera. Some kind of a miracle, they became part of the crew.


Victor Tognola is the director Samadhi. A film maker that in his long career has directed more than 3000 commercials, won many prizes, like the Grand Prix along with 12 lions at the Cannes Int. Advertising Film Festival and a Grand Award at the New York International Film & TV Festival.

In 1984 he directed the movie ”Illusione” which was presented at the Venice Film Festival in Italy and at the International Film Festival of Karlovy Vary.

He also wrote and then directed the cartoon Tv series “The world’s most beautiful tales” ( 52 episodes based on Aesop’s tales) and the cartoon Tv series ”Clorophyll from the blue sky” drawn by Adelchi Galloni (based on an ecological science fiction story).
More recently he has directed numerous documentaries based on anthropological research and on the collective memory.


Anne-Marie Rodeghiero represents our best, she has learned the producer profession at Frama Films. Her professional journey has started in the world of advertising spot production, a very hard school.

She has later worked on many Frama Films productions; Mysterious Switzerland (for SSR, Swiss national television), Erich Maria Remarque, Paulette Goddard and Marlene Dietrich: a love triangle (Moscow International Film Festival), Schmidhauser ( Locarno Film Festival) just to mention a few. On Samadhi she has also contributed creatively participating as co-author.


Marc Bachmann is our cinematographer. He has started his career as a photographer, for advertising. In 1996 he published works on his travels to the USA and central America and reportage on the world of Music and business in Switzerland.

Since 2011 he is a free lance cameraman, director of photography and cinematographer for advertising and documentary film production. He has worked for SVV, the Spick Magazine, Tierwelt, ZSGE foundation, IWC, Upc Cablecom, Simon Steuri, Myriam Zumbühl and many more.


Riccardo Nasoni is the editor of Samadhi – We are One. Unlike many of his colleagues, Riccardo’s work already takes place during the filming, working on the set, in order to have a better understanding of what is being produced.

He has studied at the D.A.M.S. – University in Bologna, Italy, he has been the president of AMI Associazione montatori italiani (Italian Editor Association) (2009-2014) and an editing tutor for Mediaset – Italia 1.


Misha is the eldest son of Victor. He has a diploma in Art and technique of film making attained at the London Film School. He has worked with artist Klaus Gorges on the Solart Project in Big Sur, USA. Misha has directed many commercials and two documentaries: “Ivan Bianchi Pioneer of Photography at the Czar’s court” and “Living in the Biosphere”. He has created and directed infotainment and music programs for Swiss National Radio and Television. He has taught “directing” and “creativity in advertising” classes at the SAE institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

Misha has participated creatively to most of Frama Fiilm productions, as he did on SAMADHI.


Son of Victor Tognola, like his brother Misha could since childhood participate on his father’s productions. He has worked on Samadhi – We are One as camera assistant on the set and as creative consultant during the editing and post-production and this year he started studying film at the prestigious Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.